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Provide your login credentials. machineID can be anything.

$.post('',{machineID: "fMUVxYdG1X3hWb7GNkTd", mail: "[email protected]", pass: "123", function: "dash"},function(d){
  • mail : Address used to login.
  • pass : Password associated to the account being used to login.
  • ke : Group Key, this can be found in Settings.
  • machineID : The unique string used to identify a machine when using 2-Factor Authentication.

If you have 2-Factor Authentication enabled you will need to pass a second gate. machineID must be the same as the one used at the first gate.

$.post('',{ke: "2Df5hBE", id: "XDf5hB3", machineID: "fMUVxYdG1X3hWb7GNkTd", factorAuthKey: "123456"},function(d){
  • id : User ID, this can be found after login.
  • factorAuthKey : The key you will receive to pass the verification for your account.


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