How to create an API Key in Shinobi

It's very easy. So easy. I can tell you how to do it here in the subtitle. Open your menu on the left then select API and create your key.
  1. Open your Menu.
    • Dashboard v2 : Click your name in the top left.
    • Dashboard v3 : In the side panel. If you can't see the menu click your username in the top left.
  2. Find and open API Keys .
  3. Select the Permissions you want to apply to this API Key and Add it.
    • The IP Address can be set to to allow any IP Address to access the Key.

To see different API calls you can view this document.

  1. Open your Menu.
  2. Find and open Account Settings.
  3. In the header of this page you will find your Group Key.

These can be created in the Superuser panel within the Preferences tab.

This is only available in Dashboard v3.

P2P API Keys are different than Shinobi API Keys. You can learn about how to get one here.


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