Updated my Shinobi and now it doesn't work

At the time of writing this article Shinobi is going through a transition from Dashboard v2 to Dashboard v3. Many core features and dependencies have changed. Here we'll help you figure it out.

It is assumed your Shinobi install is in the default location for this article.   cd /home/Shinobi

Don't be frightened. This most likely means Shinobi was updated but not restarted.

You can simply restart Shinobi via PM2 on command line like so :

pm2 flush && pm2 restart camera && pm2 restart cron && pm2 logs

You're probably caught in between the transition of v2 to v3. The simple fix is to navigate to your Shinobi directory and run the migrator script.

At the time of writing this article this migrator script has only been run on Ubuntu. In future we do plan to add support for other distributions.

cd /home/Shinobi

This file doesn't exist? Run the regular update script once and it will appear.


sh ‚Äč must only be run once if it was successful.

Important Notes about this script

  • Update Node.js to v16 if it is lower
  • Run database changes required for Dashboard v3
  • Modify the entire layout of the web frontend to use Dashboard v3
    • customAutoLoad modules that modify the Dashboard need to be updated for v3
  • Automatically restart the Shinobi process

Learn to do that here .

If you still can't get it running you may make a post on the forum or community chat to seek out help.

If you are a subscriber or contributor please open the Live Chat in the bottom right of this page and start a conversation.


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