How to set Monitor Presets and Schedule them

Specify preset configurations for your camera so that you may have it automatically change during specified times.

This article assumes you have already successfully configured a Monitor.

  1. Open Monitor Settings
  2. Make some changes, do not press Save.
  3. Create new Preset in Preset section under Identity.
    • The Preset will appear in a new list within the Preset section.
  4. Toggle the Preset to the On position to Add the currently selected Monitor (Monitor selected in the Monitor Settings).
    • You will now see the changes you made added to your preset.
    • Whenever this Preset is executed it will set the monitor to have the configuration options displayed in the Preset list.
  5. Click the Schedules button and set the desired execution time of your new Preset.

Multiple monitors can be added to a Preset with varying configurations. Just make your changes and hit the toggle switch.

Let's say we want two configurations. One where Motion is enabled and another where it is not. We'll assume your camera is setup with the just Stream enabled (Watch-Only mode).

  1. Open the Monitor Settings for the monitor you want to create a Preset for.
  2. Scroll to Global Detector Settings and Enable it.
    • Do not press Save on the Monitor Settings window.
  3. Now scroll back up to your Preset section.
  4. Create a new Preset, we'll call it motionOn .
    • Once added it will appear in the Preset section.
  5. Toggle the switch to the On position and it will save the desire for the enabling of the Global Detector Settings .
    • You should see the changes you made in an abbreviated format next to the Preset name within the list.
  6. Now Press Save on the Monitor Settings window, then reopen the window.
  7. Scroll down to Global Detector Settings and Disable it.
  8. Return to Preset section and create a new Preset named motionOff .
  9. Enable the toggle switch for motionOff .

You may open the Schedules window one of the following ways.

  • Click the top left menu then Schedules.
  • Click the Schedules button shown the Preset section of the Monitor Settings window.
  1. Open the Schedules window.
  2. Name your first Schedule. Anything you want.
    • We will be making two. One for motionOn and the other for motionOff .
  3. Set the desired time frame of it needing to be activated.
    • Please make sure of your selected Timezone .
    • Start and End are in HH:mm format. 24 Hour digits.
    • Example of Start or End Input : 5:00
  4. Select motionOn .
  5. Save. Now your Schedule is active.

The internal Scheduling system will check all set Schedules every 5 minutes to decide whether or not they should be activated.


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