Scheduling Camera Presets in Shinobi

Camera Presets are called Monitor States or Monitor Presets in Shinobi. This article will show you how to set cameras to use certain configurations at specified times.

This article assumes you already have a Monitor setup and running. Camera Presets are also called Monitor States.

These Presets are called Monitor States.

  1. On the left side menu select Monitor States.
  2. Set a Preset Name .
    • For Example : "Motion Detection On"
  3. Click Add New below. Now a selector and list will appear.
  4. Choose the Monitor you want to affect.
  5. Choose the option you want to be change by this preset and set what value you want it to change to.
    • For Example : " Detector Settings : Enabled " set to Yes .
  6. Press Save to create the Preset.

Now based on our examples above you can follow through the instructions again but set the following instead :

  1. Set a new Preset with the Name : "Motion Detection Off"
  2. Set " Detector Settings : Enabled " set to No .

Hit Save. Now you should have two presets. "Motion Detection On " and "Motion Detection Off ".

Note : You can add as many Monitors as you like to a single Preset, just click Add New.

Now that you have Presets you can schedule them easily like this.

  1. On the left side menu select Schedules.
  2. Set the following conditions
    • Schedule Name
    • Start and End Times (HH:mm format)
    • Days (of the Week)
  3. Then select a Preset(s) to execute during this time frame.
  4. Press Save.

For Example : you would create two Schedules. One that is for when Motion Detection On would be running and another for when Motion Detection Off would be running.

The Schedule engine runs on an interval. The Schedule list will be checked once every 5 minutes. You may notice a delay of up to 5 minutes before your preset becomes active.


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