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The Coral TPU Drivers and Shinobi Coral Plugin were successfully tested on a Google Coral M.2 Accelerator A+E key.

The Installer will attempt to install the drivers for you. The drivers are for Debian-based Operating Systems, like Ubuntu 20.04.

  1. Login to your Shinobi's Superuser panel.
    • https://YOUR_SHINOBI/super
  2. Open the Plugin Manager tab.
  3. In the listing select the latest "Coral TPU" plugin to Download.
  4. Hit Run Installer for the newly downloaded plugin.
    • This plugin's installer requires a system reboot if you choose to install Coral TPU Drivers.
  5. Once Installed click "Enable" and restart Shinobi.
  6. Reopen the Plugin Manager and run the Test Object Detector command.
  7. Now go ahead and login to the main Dashboard to setup a Monitor with Object Detection!

Your test should look similar to this.

If "person" was detected then it worked.
{"type": "info", "data": "ready"}
Detected Objects!
{"type": "data", "data": [{"bbox": [143, 6, 358, 390], "class": "person", "score": 0.87890625}, {"bbox": [115, 241, 378, 513], "class": "person", "score": 0.7890625}, {"bbox": [-3, 203, 217, 504], "class": "person", "score": 0.66015625}], "time": 23.20685099999764}

Learn more about Downloading and Installing Plugins here


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