How do I Activate Shinobi?

It's pretty easy all you need to do is get your Subscription ID from your ShinobiShop account!

Modify the Shinobi Main Configuration file and add the parameter  subscriptionId .

Here is what you would paste in your conf.json on Line 2 of the file.  sub_XXXXXXXXXXX would be replaced with your Subscription ID.


You can do this from either the Superuser panel or terminal. By default Shinobi is installed at /home/Shinobi and located inside you will find the conf.json file.

Y ou may get one at the ShinobiShop website .

A Mobile License is a mere $5 USD/month. This activates your Shinobi Pro installation as well as your Mobile Application for Shinobi.

If you are using Shinobi in a place where payment is required then you should. In instances where you are not required to pay, no; You don't have to. Activating the installation just stops the Help window from appearing each week.

Originally when this article was written we said "No part of the Shinobi server software is locked for an inactivated installation." at this time Shinobi was just escaping its infancy. The features at the time were simple in nature. Now Shinobi can do a host new tricks with 2024 on the way. Here are some of the features that are available to you if you choose to activate.

  • Private Backup of your Monitor Configurations to ShinobiHub
  • Encrypted Remote Access without a VPN or Port-Forwarding
  • Extended Features for Timeline , View Recordings in a human way

Some features almost ready for public testing at the time of this article are

  • Access multiple Shinobi machines in one interface

All other features Shinobi offers are going to work without a license. Check out the source code's commit history to see all the changes we make :)

Shinobi Systems relies on the trust of it's user base to survive. Thank you to all who are currently supporting so far and Thank you to those who will join :)

You may login at the ShinobiShop . The Account page will have a listing of your active Subscriptions.

You may login at the ShinobiShop. The Account page will have a listing of your active Subscriptions. Click the menu icon to the right of the desired Subscription ID and click Cancel .

If you signed up without logging in first then your account was automatically created under the email used for the payment. Your account password will be set to your Customer ID . If you do not know what your Customer ID is please contact us through the chat bubble located at the bottom right of this page.


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