How to use Event Filters

At present many of the offered Object Detection plugins provide results for a variety of objects, many you don't need. This article will show you how to automate cherry-picking events.

This article assumes you have already setup Shinobi, the Object Detection plugin, and a Monitor with Object Detection enabled.

This tutorial will show you how to setup a Filter to only see people, the "person" tag.

1. Open the Monitor Settings for the desired monitor you wish to filter events for.

2. Scroll down to Global Detector Settings and enable the option "Event Filters".

3. In Dashboard v2 : Click the "Event Filters" button in the bottom left corner of the window.

In Dashboard v3 : Save the Monitor Settings. Click Event Filters on the left side menu then select the Monitor in the dropdown at the top.

4. Click Add New  in Saved Filters then Name it.

5. Click Add New in Conditions, a new row will be created.

6. Select Object Tag for the first value, for the second set "Does Not Contain", and the third as "person"

7. In the Action set Drop Event to Yes.

8. Press Save.


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