These requirements will be installed for you with The Ninja Way. The Ninja Way is the recommended way to install. It will allow ease in updating as well as changes to the code.

  • Node.js (16.x)
  • FFmpeg (Between 3.3 to 4.1)
  • MariaDB (10.4+)

Node.js (16.x), FFmpeg (Between 3.3 to 4.1), and MariaDB (10.4+) are the main components that Shinobi needs. With the Ninja Way these requirements should be fulfilled for you.

It is recommended you install Ubuntu 22.04 on a dedicated machine rather than on Docker or a VM.

  • Dedicated Machine with Intel or AMD CPU (Not VM or Docker)
  • Edge Computer like Jetson Nano or Raspberry Pi

Note : You can find an old laptop or home computer to use as your server as well as rackable systems.



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