How to use ONVIF Event Triggering in Shinobi

ONVIF Event Triggering is good for taking a load off Shinobi while using the camera's onboard detection engine.

ONVIF is the standardized management protocol for a variety of IP Cameras. Events are when something is detected in the camera view, like motion.

Not all cameras support ONVIF Events, so following this may not work for you. However there are alternatives if that turns out to be the case.

Assuming you have done one of the following you may proceed.

  1. Added a Camera through the ONVIF Scanner in Shinobi
    • This will automatically setup key ONVIF options
  2. Added a Camera manually and enabled ONVIF
    • As well as verified it is working with your configuration

On to setup!

1. Open the Monitor Settings for the Camera.

2. Scroll down to the Connection section. Ensure ONVIF is toggled to Yes.

3. Scroll down to the Detector Settings and toggle it on. You should see ONVIF Events as an option just below it. Set it to Yes.

4. Additionally if you want to disable the internal Motion Detection of Shinobi you must disable Send Frames in the Detector Settings section .

5. Hit Save and your camera, if capable, will start providing you event information based on the ONVIF Events service of your camera.

To verify that is working you can open your Live Grid and witness a red bar appear under your Monitor's Live Stream window when motion occurs.

By default this is enabled. You can configure it in the Event-Based Recording section (formerly known as Traditional Recording). From there you can choose how many seconds of recording as well as amount of pre-buffer you would like for an event.

  • Buffer Time from Event : Is a value of seconds. Default is 5 seconds.
  • Recording Timeout : This is how long Shinobi will record for (including the pre-buffer). This value is in minutes. Default is 0.5 minutes.


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