How to Trigger Multiple Cameras from a single Event

By setting a single camera as an event distributor you can trigger multiple cameras to record at the same time.

This article assumes you have triggering all setup with a single Monitor already. If you haven't done so you can take a look at one of these articles to help you get through it.

1. Open the Main Menu and click Settings

2. Scroll down to  Monitor Groups and click the plus icon .

3. Optional : Rename the Group.

4. Save.

1. Open the Monitor Settings  for a monitor that will be triggered by the "Multi-Trigger".

2. Set the view to Advanced  in the bottom right corner.

3. Set the Mode to one of the following based on your desired method of Recording upon an Event.

  • Watch-Only : if you want to use Traditional Recording  (Easiest, Best Performance) or Hotswap
  • Record : If you want to use Delete Motionless
  • Disabled : If you want to use Hotswap

4. Scroll down to Global Detector Settings and set the following options :

  • Enabled : Yes
  • Send Frames : No
  • How to Record : Traditional Recording (you may use another if you'd like)
  • Recording Timeout : Any number (Measured in Minutes)
  • Timeout Reset on Next Event : Yes, if you want it to reset the recording cutoff if another trigger occurs during the recording.
  • Set any other Trigger options you'd like to occur, like Discord or Email.

6. Scroll down to Grouping and select the Monitor Group you created earlier.

7. Save and Repeat on all monitors that you want to get triggered.

1. Open the Monitor Settings for a monitor that will create the "Multi-Trigger".

2. Scroll down to Global Detector Settings and set  Trigger Camera Groups to Yes.

3. You should now see a box appear that looks like the Grouping section but colorized in orange. Select the Monitor Group that will be triggered when this monitor is triggered.

4. Save.

5. Enjoy.


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