How to access the ONVIF Device Manager in Shinobi

Now you can modify some of the camera's internal settings right from the Shinobi dashboard. You may never need to open a IP Camera web panel again.... assuming it has ONVIF.

ONVIF allows modifying the camera's internal settings. ONVIF is somewhat of an umbrella term, it can mean many things unfortunately. With that being the case you may see an option in this tool but it may not be editable. This is usually because the camera vendor has not added this method or has deviated from its intended usage. In those cases you will need to enter the camera's configuration through the prescribed method of the camera vendor, this is generally opening the IP Address of the camera in your web browser.

1. Click your username in the top left of the dashboard to reveal the main menu.

2. Select ONVIF to open the Scanner.

3. Input the camera's Username and Password (the credentials used to access the camera's web panel or video stream).

4. Click Search.

5. Select the camera from the displayed list to open the Add Monitor window pre-filled with this camera's details.

If the scanner detects the camera has PTZ capabilities it will automatically enable it. Although you may still need to tweak Turn Speed in the Control section of the Monitor Settings.

1. Open your Monitor Settings for the desired Camera

2. Navigate to the Connection section and click the ONVIF Device Manager button.

3. A new window will appear with internal options of the camera. Not all options are listed here, for more advanced configuration I suggest trying another  ONVIF Device Manager by akolomentsev, andreyvrana, michaelkuz, nptitsyn, and sergeyhilkevich .


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