How to use Dynamic Substream

If you have a camera with a Substream you can use that feed for viewing in the Dashboard.

This article assumes you have a monitor already setup and running. You can quickly add cameras with the ONVIF Scanner.

This feature requires dashboard-v3 branch. See at the bottom of the article on how to switch.

You can leave the Connection detail blank if you want it to use the same details as the main Connection section for the primary connection.

These are the options to create the Stream-Out from Shinobi. Learn about latency of Stream types here.

These settings are similar to the primary Stream section.

Scrolling back upward, you will have the option of making it so the primary Stream is completely turned off. Set the Stream Type to "Only When Watching, Use Substream".

Now whenever the Live Stream window for that monitor is opened in the Live Grid it will automatically engage the Substream. When there are no more viewers to that Live Stream then it will disengage the Substream process.

Leaving the primary Stream on will require manually toggling the Substream to see it.

On the dashboard Live Grid you will find an "eye" icon located on each Monitor Live Stream block. This is a toggle from the dashboard to engage and disengage.

As you may have guess this uses the API , so if you want to do this from your own application or script you can use the following endpoint to toggle it.[API KEY]/toggleSubstream/[GROUP KEY]/[MONITOR ID]
cd /home/Shinobi
git reset --hard
git checkout dashboard-v3
pm2 restart camera.js


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