How to Install OpenVPN Server the Easy Way

Thanks to Nyr on Github we have a very simple way to install a VPN Server with OpenVPN on Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS and Fedora.

Thank you Nyr ! Shinobi Systems is only mirroring Nyr's script and detailing the process involved.

During installation you will be asked which IP to use. By default it allow selecting the real-world IP address. If this is not what you want then make sure you have the desired IP address already in your clipboard for when you are asked.

1. Download and Run the Install Script

wget -O && bash
  • Shinobi Systems Gitlab Mirror
wget -O && bash

2. Follow prompts on screen. You will be asked about your IP address here. If you don't know what to put for a question asked then allow it to use the default.

One ovpn connection file will be created during this process.

1. Run the script again and select the first option.


2. Fill in the name. Make sure it is unique.

A file will be generated and a path will be shown as to where the .ovpn file is. Use this file to connect on your client machines.


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