Logging in for the First Time

Now that you have Shinobi installed you can move onto making your first Account that will manage cameras.

Now that Shinobi is installed, you need to login to the Superuser and create an Administrator account. An Administrator will be able to add Cameras as well as create Sub-Accounts with certain permissions.

1. Open the IP Address of your Shinobi server in your web browser.

  • Be sure /super is the web path.
  • The IP address printed in the terminal window when Shinobi is done installing
  • You can run ifconfig (Linux) in terminal to see the IP Address of the Shinobi server
  • The Login page will appear with a Green hue to signify you are at the correct login page.

2. Login with the default Superuser credentials.

3. You will be presented with some system information and an empty account listing. Let's create one.

  • You only need to test the Email and Password . The rest can be configured after you login to the Dashboard .

4. Logout of the Superuser to end the session.

Now that you have an account setup. Try logging in with the credentials you just created in the Superuser panel.

Be sure that you are logging in to the Dashboard, not the Superuser panel. You can check by looking at the color scheme of the login. It should be Blue .

The URL of the page will also show as being on the root of the website instead of /super.

  • Dashboard : http://YOUR_SHINOBI:8080/
  • Superuser : http://YOUR_SHINOBI:8080/super

Now you can move onto opening your Monitor Settings tab.

Learn about adding a camera here.


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