Yolo V3

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This version of the Yolo Plugin has been officially tested with the following GPUs.

  • NVIDIA RTX 3070
  • NVIDIA GTX 1660
  • NVIDIA GTX 1050
  • NVIDIA GT 710

The GPUs were running with a variety of NVIDIA Driver, CUDA Toolkit, and CUDNN versions. Yolo is the most flexible Object Detector as it seems to run on almost any NVIDIA GPU we attempt it with.

CPU only Object Detection use is not recommended unless your CPU is powerful.

The "Run Installer" command does not offer Driver Installation. You must select Driver Installation manually from the Commands drop down for this plugin.

NVIDIA Drivers v515, CUDNN v8, CUDA Toolkit 11.2 Installers are offered for Ubuntu 20.04 and Rocky 9

  1. Login to your Shinobi's Superuser panel.
    • https://YOUR_SHINOBI/super
  2. Open the "Plugin Manager" tab.
  3. In the listing select the latest "Object Detection (Yolo V3)" plugin to Download.
  4. Skip this for CPU Only or if you already did it before. Select "Install NVIDIA Drivers v515, CUDNN v8, CUDA Toolkit 11.2 (Ubuntu 20.04 and Rocky 9)"
  5. Hit Run Installer for the newly downloaded plugin.
  6. Once Installed click "Enable" and restart Shinobi.
  7. Reopen the Plugin Manager and run the Test Object Detector .
  8. Now go ahead and login to the main Dashboard to setup a Monitor with Object Detection!

Your test should look similar to this.

Network configured and loaded in 0.234758 seconds
Detecting upon
Detected Objects!
  x: 130.05662536621094,
  y: 0,
  width: 250.96682739257812,
  height: 390.0387878417969,
  tag: 'car',
  confidence: 65.43328857421875
Detecting upon
No Matrices...
Detecting upon
Detected Objects!
  x: 267.1744079589844,
  y: 75.33380126953125,
  width: 187.724609375,
  height: 428.436279296875,
  tag: 'person',
  confidence: 53.21321487426758

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