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Get Streams

and it will have a set of stream links already pre-built in the streams variable.[API KEY]/monitor/[GROUP KEY]/[MONITOR ID]

Snapshot must be enabled in Monitor Settings.[API KEY]/jpeg/[GROUP KEY]/[MONITOR ID]/s.jpg

Stream type must be MJPEG.[API KEY]/mjpeg/[GROUP KEY]/[MONITOR ID][API KEY]/mjpeg/[GROUP KEY]/[MONITOR ID]?full=true

Stream type must be HLS.[API KEY]/hls/[GROUP KEY]/[MONITOR ID]/s.m3u8

Stream type must be FLV.[API KEY]/flv/[GROUP KEY]/[MONITOR ID]/s.flv

Stream type must be Poesidon.[API KEY]/mp4/[GROUP KEY]/[MONITOR ID]/s.mp4

Below is the link for a Poseidon stream but on a channel aside from the Main one. You can create Stream Channels by opening your Monitor Settings, clicking Options, and then selecting Add Channel.[API KEY]/mp4/[GROUP KEY]/[MONITOR ID]/[CHANNEL]/s.mp4


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